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Meizu M8 Application Development Wizard

The version R2.0's source code is available to download.

This is the Meizu M8 mobile phone Windows application development wizard for Visual Studio 2008. it includes:
  1. A ready-for-compiling skeleton code of M8 mobile phone application;
  2. Configured all additional libraries that is needed to build M8 application;
  3. Configured that the library are linked statically.

System Requirement:
  1. A copy of Visual Studio 2008 is installed on the computer
  2. A copy of Meizu M8SDK is installed on the computer

How to Install:
  1. Download the lastest source code from "Source Code";
  2. Unzip the downloaded source code zip file to a directory;
  3. Copy the subdirectory "M8AppWizard" to Visual C 2009 Installed Directory\VCWizard;
  4. Copy the files "M8AppWizard.ico", "M8AppWizard.vsdir", "M8AppWizard.vsz" to Visual C 2009 Installed Directory\vcprojects;
  5. Done;

*How to Use:"
  1. Start up Visual Studio 2009;
  2. Click "File -> New -> Project...";
  3. In "New Project" dialog, choose the project type "Visual C++ -> "M8 Windows Application Wizard";
  4. Fill the "Name:", "Location:", "Solution Name:" if necessary ,and then click OK Button;
  5. A framework of M8 Windows application project will be generated for you;
  6. You can now press F5 to compile and run it without any change;
  7. Fill your code into the project to generate you own program;
  8. Enjoy it!

Fixed Issues:

Known Issues:

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